Why yoga in the workplace?

Yoga will help people in a corporate environment to achieve a more healthy body and mind through the use of yoga postures. These postures will help reduce stress and computer-related injuries, increase concentration, and will help create a stronger and more flexible body. Employees that feel better will be more productive, have less doctor visits, and just be happier people! 

One of the objectives of the program is to “undo” the effects of sitting at a desk by giving the students postures to avoid and heal shoulder and neck problems, wrist/hand problems (such as carpal tunnel syndrome & tendonitis), and back and hip problems—injuries most common in the workplace. Although the classes are therapeutic in nature, the poses will also strengthen and tone the muscles in the body. The most awesome thing about these classes is they will teach each individual employee what poses they can do for their own bodies to help to heal themselves! They can do some of the poses at home and/or at their desks. 

About the Classes

  • All you have to do is provide the space to conduct the classes. This can be in a cafeteria, gym, or in a conference room.
  • All the necessary props will be brought to your business. This includes mats, blankets, straps, etc.
  • Classes will be focused on the individual needs of the employees.
  • Wear clothing that is comfortable and that will be easy to move around in. Something you’d wear to work out at the gym.
  • Classes are an hour.

An introductory class is FREE!! This class will be offered to get a taste of what the classes are like. This can be in a regular class format or can be more of an informational seminar to allow you and your employees to watch and learn why yoga is beneficial in the workplace. 

To get more information about our corporate packages, please send an e-mail to kanduyoga@cox.net 


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