Kandu Yoga is based on the Iyengar-method of yoga. We offer yoga to corporations and provide private and semi-private lessons (at your home or at the yoga studio).

In today’s busy world, yoga is an excellent way to help manage stress. Yoga helps keep the body strong and healthy through the use of yoga postures. Iyengar Yoga’s focus is on precision, alignment, and safety in each posture. Any body can do it! No matter your age or condition. What an amazing feeling to learn the poses you can practice to feel stronger and healthier in your body--by simply learning the correct postures for your body!!! The Kandu Yoga teachers are dedicated to helping you achieve this.

There are a multitude of benefits, including strengthening all the muscles in the body, conditioning all the internal organs, increasing flexibility, balance, concentration, and healing the body of ailments (mental and physical).


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